diving into elegance and excellence: a stunning fiberglass pool installation by werbrich’s landscaping in loveland, ohio

Loveland, Ohio might be recognized for its picturesque surroundings, but a new addition to the landscape is making waves in the backyard of a local homeowner. Thanks to Werbrich’s Landscaping, the greater Cincinnati area’s premier landscape design, installation and maintenance firm, the region now boasts one of the most impeccable fiberglass pool installations.

a brief introduction to werbrich’s landscaping

Founded in 2000 by the passionate and visionary steward of outdoor living projects, Kevin Werbrich, Werbrich’s Landscaping has been transforming the backyards of Cincinnati, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky into masterpieces. With a firm footing in landscape design, installation and maintenance, this locally owned business has a rich history of creating award-winning outdoor living projects tailored to individual tastes.

the fiberglass marvel(ous!)

Werbrich’s latest backyard endeavor puts a backyard fiberglass pool from Imagine Pools on center stage: the Marvelous 35 in Reef Blue with an attached square Mystique Spa. Realizing the quality and overall durability of these fiberglass pool products, Werbrich eagerly integrated them into his menu of products. And the results? Truly spectacular.

from empty to envy

Pool of the month: Marvelous 35 in Reef Blue with Mystique Spa

Imagine a backyard with a small patio and fire pit as its primary focal points, along with just three arborvitaes to add a touch of greenery to the space. It works, but, admittedly, it can be kind of uninspiring. That was the relatively simple canvas upon which Werbrich and his team began their work. The homeowner had a clear vision of what he wanted, and, after interviewing various pool builders, he chose Werbrich’s Landscaping. The reason? Well, the company’s comprehensive approach is what sold him. Werbrich’s Landscaping offers pool construction, landscaping and architectural design under one umbrella. Thus, this made them the preferred choice.

Jon Tieman, the project’s architect, collaborated closely with the homeowner, ensuring every detail was meticulously planned. The finalized design would be an integration of the 10-year-old home’s exterior and interior appointment details with the adjoining wooded area that sits beyond the backyard.

the pool’s unique features

Werbrich’s Landscaping of Loveland, Ohio wins Imagine Pools Pool Of The Month

The centerpiece of this transformation is the previously mentioned Imagine Pools Marvelous 35, in the Reef Blue color. Connected to the pool is the Mystique square spa, seamlessly spilling its waters into the pool. The pool is heated to allow for an extended swim season on those cooler days in early autumn.

Adding to the ambiance, a stone veneer wall features fire bowls and a sheer descent waterfall. Tiki torches punctuate the surroundings, lending an exotic vibe to spontaneous and informal evening gatherings.

detailed craftsmanship

The pool’s surroundings are as noteworthy as the pool itself. The patio, a hallmark of Werbrich’s craftsmanship, utilizes Unilock hardscape products in an opal color with a Beacon Hill Smooth finish. The contrasting dark perimeter border, also a Unilock product, brings out the richness of the setting.

The existing deck, already in place prior to this project, enjoys an elevated design with the addition of a custom lattice that mimics the appeal of wood. Werbrich’s team also showcased their masonry prowess. They handled all the stonework, from the spa surroundings to the waterfall, and even the stone boulders that comprise the wall at the rear of the property.

the challenges behind the scenes

While the end result is undeniably captivating, the journey to this masterpiece wasn’t without its fair share of challenges. Werbrich emphasized the extensive unseen efforts behind the project. Winter conditions, an access route on a slope, and planting complications due to the flow and swell of the terrain were just a few.

A crucial element to the project’s success was an integrated block retaining wall, necessitated by the uneven yard. With the entire pool’s weight resting on this wall, an external engineer was brought onboard for this intricate task. Fortunately, an adjacent empty lot provided ease of accessibility and operations for Werbrich’s crew.

A Stunning Fiberglass Pool Installation by Werbrich’s Landscaping in Loveland, Ohio

“It is the unseen parts of this particular project that make it that much better,” said Werbrich, who oversees about 15 crews and employs 60 people. “We all just enjoy doing custom projects like these.”

a testament to passion and expertise: setting the bar high

The recently completed pool installation stands as a testament to Werbrich’s Landscaping’s commitment to quality, detail and client satisfaction. Werbrich and his team enjoy creating custom fiberglass pool projects, and this latest endeavor is a true testament to their overall expertise.

For those in the tri-state area (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky) who are seeking a blend of luxury, aesthetics and functionality in their backyards, Werbrich’s Landscaping remains the go-to choice. This Loveland installation is just one of the many tales of their dedication to and mastery of quality and excellence.

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