a tranquil oasis: delight in this stunning Imagine Pools’ fiberglass pool installation in Southern Ontario, Canada

This innovative fiberglass backyard pool installation overseen by Courtland Pools effortlessly blends beauty and functionality. By harmoniously integrating with other elements, like a fire pit and patio space, it invites you to discover the captivating allure of this stunning Illusion 35’ in Ocean Blue from Imagine Pools and explore how it enhances the overall ambiance of its surroundings.

aesthetic delight

This stylish fiberglass pool radiates an aura of timeless beauty. First, it boasts a sleek and seamless design that captivates the eye. Next, its pristine blue waters create a striking contrast against the green space and other natural finishes that envelope the backyard. Finally, the sleek design of the Illusion 35’ in Ocean Blue exudes a sense of remarkable style and fun at the same time.

In its 22nd year as a landscape design+build firm, Courtland Landscape & Grounds established Courtland Pools to further elevate its impressive menu of services for outdoor living.

“Installing fiberglass swimming pools is a great fit for our existing business,” expressed Justin Hayes, Landscape Construction Manager, who, along with Brent Swance, Marketing/Media Manager for Courtland Pools, greatly appreciates the durability and strength of the fiberglass pools from Imagine Pools. “We now operate as a one-stop shop, working with homeowners to create the backyard of their dreams.”

perfect fit for a smaller backyard:

Not overly abundant in terms of size, this backyard site is ideal for this particular pool design, as it allows it to maximize every inch of its footprint. As a result, the pool creates a sense of grandeur within the entire area. It is a testament to thoughtful design and meticulous planning. Its ideal size not only ensures efficient use of space but also allows for easy maintenance and accessibility, catering to the practical needs of the homeowners. (And catering to the needs of the homeowner is a hallmark of Courtland Pools’ premier customer service. A competitive advantage this company has is its ability to provide meticulous and detailed space planning for each project.)

“We don’t just focus on selling and dropping in a pool,” explained Hayes, whose team goes to great lengths to ensure no wrong decisions are made and that every detail is well-attended.

Not without its challenges, this particular installation did force Courtland Pools to overcome the existing slope of the backyard. The response to that slope was the integration of retaining walls on three sides, working around the existing elements for a seamless presentation.

stunning Imagine Pools’ fiberglass pool installation in Southern Ontario, Canada

“The property sloped away from the house, and we needed to create a wall to make a flatter area for the pool,” stated Hayes. “We build around our client’s lives, making sure we know and understand their needs and lifestyle. We want to educate our clients and at the same time remain straight froward with them, ensuring the pool is in the right spot and thoroughly thinking about the rest of the yard space.”

In other words, each installation has to make sense for the project at hand. Although every single project always has a highly detailed plan, larger projects typically follow a more in-depth strategy. For example, Courtland Pools will use 2-D and 3-D renderings to give clients a greater perspective and appreciation for the intended final result. That type of preparation was done with this particular project, and for good reason. With certain accessibility challenges, unique approaches had to be employed to begin the work.

“This home is in an urban area in Dorchester on a cul-de-sac,” said Hayes. “The home has a full drive-through garage through which we pulled materials to the backyard. The pool was brought up over the house. Therefore, we did not have to go through the neighboring property.”

For an exciting time-lapsed presentation of this installation, the vision and final representation for which was created and designed by Nikki Syvret of Courtland Pools, click here.

integration with other elements

This stylish fiberglass pool radiates an aura of timeless beauty

The integration of a fire pit, patio space and cabana (all of which were added separately from the pool installation and were not part of Courtland Pools’ project) with the fiberglass pool enhances the backyard’s versatility.

Although the aforementioned elements were already in existence, Courtland Pools merely worked around them.

“We incorporated a flow to it,” explained Hayes. “The family liked our ideas, so we worked with our plan, taking into consideration their wants and needs.”

As such, it transforms the backyard into an inviting and multi-functional outdoor retreat. The fire pit, strategically positioned adjacent to the pool, provides a cozy gathering spot for cool evenings, fostering an ambiance of warmth and togetherness. The patio space complements the pool’s overall appeal, serving as a comfortable area for lounging, dining, and entertaining guests.

the ideal fiberglass pool

This Illusion 35” by Imagine Pools boasts many bells and whistles to further elevate its status within the backyard.

For example, it is a heated and salt water chlorinated pool.

“In this region, making an investment in a heater is critical, as it allows you to extend the swim season,” noted Hayes.

Other complements to the pool include three deck jets, Hayward lighting, and a Hayward Ominlogic panel, which makes the pool fully automated for the homeowner.

The hardscape framework around the pool is equally noteworthy. Courtland Pools used the Mega Melville line from Permacon for the 2’ x 3’ slab pavers. Additionally, they incorporated the same brand of hardscape for the square edge capping in Scandina Grey.

“The rectangular accent around the coping is Rockland Black by Permacon,” said Haynes. “The stairs transitioning from the upper patio to the lower area are made from Permacon Mondrian Stone.”

Finally, ample river rock was placed along the perimeter of the fence for draining purposes.

harmony of elements

The overall design of the backyard achieves a harmonious balance between the pool, fire pit, and patio space. The sleek lines and curves of the pool effortlessly blend with the structure of the fire pit, creating a delightful visual contrast. The choice of complementary materials, such as the pool’s fiberglass shell and the patio’s stonework, further accentuate the unity of these elements, resulting in a cohesive and visually pleasing landscape.

“The true heroes who made this project all possible include our main install crew of Rudy and Ryan, in addition to all of our other team members involved,” emphasized Hayes. “Their attention to detail and high-end building skills complete the team needed to be here today and win this award.”

This Illusion 35 is an ideal fiberglass pool and pool of the month

As for the homeowners, they were extremely thrilled with the final outcome.

“They had big expectations,” emphasized Hayes. “However, I believe we provided them more than they could have ever asked for.”

This exquisite pool sets a new standard for backyard luxury, offering a haven that effortlessly combines aesthetics, practicality and serenity.

To discover your own backyard oasis, contact an Imagine Pools dealer in your area today.