If your mind always drifts to the color blue when it comes to swimming pools, perhaps it is time to reimagine that particular standard. Today, fiberglass pools come in a wide variety of stunning colors. One notable standout on that platform is the color black, such as Imagine Pools’ Volcanic Black. This hue can turn your backyard oasis into a uniquely stylish and somewhat mysterious wonderland. While any of the fiberglass backyard pools from Imagine Pools will be a decided showstopper, a black colored one (sometimes referred to as a black bottom pool) just may give your backyard the extra swagger it needs – and deserves! After all, black is a color known to be simultaneously modest and arrogant. When applied thoughtfully, though, the results just may surprise you.

dive into the dark side: black fiberglass pools

Imagine swimming in the shadows of a mystical underwater cavern. Think of the places where mermaids flirt with pirates. Okay, well, maybe not pirates and mermaids, but you get the idea. A black fiberglass pool will, however, take your imagination up a notch or two.

It’s been said people who favor the color black have the most colorful minds. If that is the case, then choosing a fiberglass swimming pool in this particular shade may just make your backyard sanctuary the talk of the town. The beauty of black can be stunningly absolute.

black-bottomed pools from Imagine Pools

It is easy to love the color black. First of all, it is stylish. Secondly, it is luxurious, bold and powerful. Further, it is the color of success and looks great on just about anything. Nevertheless, before you lean into this exciting and somewhat swanky color, let’s take a peek into the pros and cons of this mysterious – and perhaps somewhat misunderstood – fiberglass pool color.

pros of black fiberglass pools:

style that makes a splash: If you’re the trendsetter of your neighborhood, a black pool is your chance to shine. A black fiberglass pool adds an air of sophistication and allure to your backyard. We can definitely see this color making you the envy of all your pool-party-hopping friends.

heats it up: Remember how black cars are hotter than your cell phone left in the sun too long? Well, the same principle applies to black pools. The dark hue absorbs heat from the sun, giving you warmer water to extend your swim season.

hides pesky debris: With a black pool, fallen leaves, twigs and the occasional wayward squirrel fur will go incognito. Thus, blending seamlessly with the mysterious depths below. It’s like having a 24/7 camouflage system. (Caveat: we are not suggesting you disregard cleaning and maintaining your fiberglass pool altogether. You may just want to call in the team of experts, such as those at Ultra Pool Care Squad to get the job done right.)

magic at night: Turn on those underwater lights and watch your pool transform into a mesmerizing galaxy. The dark background intensifies the glow. As a result, you have created a stellar atmosphere that can complement a star-gazing nighttime pool party.

Discover the advantages of a black fiberglass pool

cons of black fiberglass pools:

the sun’s dark secret: As much as black pools love soaking up the sun, they also have a secret: they can absorb a little too much heat, As a result, this will make the water warmer than you might desire on those scorching summer days. (Besides, if you want a spa, we have an outstanding collection from which to choose. Our Treasure Spa may be just the ideal complement to your black, lagoon-style pool setting. See? Your imagination can go wild when it comes to a black pool.)

scratches are sneaky: Black pools may look invincible. However, scratches can stealthily sneak in and dampen their appeal. The dark color tends to highlight any imperfections. So, be extra careful when putting that pool brush to work.

not for the faint of heart: If you have an irrational fear of dark waters (or lingering childhood memories of Jaws), a black pool might make you a bit uncomfortable. If your imagination brings to mind images of creatures lurking far below the surface of the water hiding in the shadows, then this color choice might not be for you.

the lost game of marco polo: Be prepared for a slight challenge during everyone’s favorite pool game. With a black pool, you can elevate this treasured childhood pool activity and basically hide in plain sight. For those with a competitive spirit when it comes to pool games, this color will champion that drive!

Imagine Pools offers an exciting palette of colors from which to choose. If you are still uncertain as to what color of fiberglass pool you should get, feel free to connect with your local dealer. At Imagine Pools, our goal is to provide you the best in customer service so you can be confident in the style, size and color of the fiberglass pool you choose to make your backyard a place to truly live life at its best.