In today’s world of compact living and urbanization, every square foot of our homes is precious. This is particularly true when it comes to our outdoor spaces. However, even if your backyard is limited in space, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the dream of having your own personal oasis. Installing a small backyard inground fiberglass pool is not only feasible but can actually elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your limited space.

dive into compact luxury: perfect small pools for tight spaces

The size of your outdoor space shouldn’t dictate the grandeur of your experiences. With small pools tailored for compact spaces, you can dip into moments of relaxation, joy, and luxury right at your doorstep.

Here’s a deep dive into how you can maximize your compact backyard with a fiberglass swimming pool from Imagine Pools.

understand the advantages of fiberglass swimming pools

Get the most out of a compact backyard with Imagine Pools

Fiberglass pools, unlike their concrete or vinyl liner counterparts, offer several advantages especially suitable for small spaces:

speed of installation: A fiberglass pool can be installed in a matter of days, as they come pre-manufactured.
durability and maintenance: A fiberglass pool is resistant to algae growth due to the non-porous surface. This means fewer chemicals involved and less maintenance. Thus, you save time and money.
smooth surface: Fiberglass pools offer a smooth surface, ensuring you and your family and friends won’t scrape their feet.

choose the right design

Imagine Pools offers an array of pool designs that can perfectly fit into small spaces:

compact pools: Compact fiberglass pools are designed for dipping and relaxation. They can easily fit in tight spaces. The Vision, one of Imagine Pools’ smaller pool designs, is a popular choice for limited backyards. You may even prefer a sleek spa. The Mystique checks all the boxes for opportunities for fun, relaxation and fitness.
rectangular/lap pools: If you’re looking for a pool for fitness, a slimmer rectangular pool with an open swim lane can be perfect for smaller backyards. Many of our pool designs, such as The Bliss, The Freedom and The Brilliant, for example, are available in narrower dimensions.
freeform designs: Organic shapes, such as The Inspiration and The Fantasy, also available in narrower dimensions, can flow with the contours of your backyard and make the space seem larger.

Imagine Pools, the ideal solution for smaller spaces.

incorporate smart landscaping

Smart landscaping can make your small space feel larger and more integrated. Consider the following ideas:

vertical gardens: If there’s limited ground space, go upwards. Vertical gardens can be a great backdrop for your pool area.
pavers and decking: Use sleek, modern designs that don’t clutter the visual space.
incorporate lighting: Well-placed lights can illuminate the pool area and make it look more expansive at night.

multi-functional features

When space is at a premium, everything should serve multiple purposes:

bench seating: Consider built-in bench seating around your pool. Not only does this provide a place to relax, but it can also double as storage.
water features: Features like waterfalls not only enhance the pool’s appeal but can also act as a focal point for the yard.

consider the surroundings

mirrors: Strategically placed mirrors can give an illusion of a more expansive space.
transparent fencing: Instead of solid walls, consider glass or transparent fencing. This provides the necessary safety without cutting off the view.

professional assessment

Before you take the plunge, you may want to have a professional assess your space. They can provide insights on placement, size and design. Thus, you can ensure your pool integrates seamlessly with your limited space. Connect with an Imagine Pools dealer near you to begin this process.

Having a small backyard doesn’t mean you have to curb your aspirations of having an inground fiberglass pool. With smart choices, professional guidance and the high-quality fiberglass pool designs from Imagine Pools, you can transform your compact backyard into a luxurious retreat. Dive in and make the most of every square foot. Great things often come in small packages.