honest beginnings: the courtland landscape and grounds approach

Creating an oasis in your own backyard is a dream for many homeowners. Just outside of Ontario, Canada, this dream was expertly turned into reality by Courtland Landscape and Grounds. Known for their integrity and transparency, Courtland Landscape and Grounds (Courtland) was approached by the homeowner to transform an outdoor space into a serene retreat. The initial home visit laid the groundwork for what would become a beautifully integrated fiberglass pool from the vibrant collection at Imagine Pools.

designing dreams: the courtland landscape and grounds team in action

Courtland’s reputation is built on honesty, thorough communication and managing client expectations effectively. The design team, led by the creative vision of Nickie, developed a concept that seamlessly blended aesthetics and functionality. Lead designer Nickie provided the oversight throughout the installation process. The added experience of crew members Rudy and Ryan ensured the project’s success. Justin Hayes, Landscape Construction Manager at Courtland, praised his team’s workmanship.

“They were extremely hands-on throughout this project and made it all possible,” expressed Hayes. “They have the experience and knowledge to bring the project to fruition.”

the courtland landscape and grounds team in action

expert execution: challenges and ingenuity

Serving Western Ontario for over 22 years, Courtland Landscape and Grounds has established itself as a seasoned design+build firm. With meticulous planning using advanced 3-D technology, they bring each project to life with clarity and precision. This project presented a unique challenge with a slight grading change. Courtland skillfully met this with a two-foot retaining wall at the pool’s far end. Further, the day of the fiberglass pool installation became a local event. Their neighbors looked on as the pool was craned over the house.

“We had neighbors bringing out their lawn chairs to watch the pool being craned over the house that day,” recalled the homeowner. “It became a neighborhood event.”

aesthetic and functional: the final touches

Courtland’s choice of hardscaping around the pool added elegance and functionality to the backyard paradise. They used Permacon Mega Melville slab pavers in Scandina Grey, Rockland Black trim, and Unilock Sienna for the retaining wall. The company’s commitment to fulfill their promises was reflected in every aspect of the design and installation process.

Courtland Landscape and Grounds fiberglasss pool installation near Ontario.

a personal oasis: the homeowners’ perspective

The homeowners, residing in a community of London, Ontario, decided to create a resort-like space in their backyard against the backdrop of a conservation area. Their self-reflection during the pandemic led to the decision to install The Illusion 35″ fiberglass pool from Imagine Pools. They chose a pool in Ocean Blue, with a tanning ledge. This design choice reflected their desire for a space that was theirs to enjoy, as a couple and as a family.

“Our kids are getting older, and sometimes it is not always easy getting away to a cottage for vacation. So we decided to build a resort in our backyard, opting for a pool that was not just for the kids but also for us,” emphasized the homeowner. “As such, we chose a pool with an integrated tanning ledge that both of us can use and enjoy over the years.”

This fiberglass pool installation also has a saltwater chlorination system, three deck jets on the short side, and is outfitted with lighting from Hayward Omnilogics.

more than just a pool: a hub for community

Complementing the pool, the backyard features a covered porch, hot tub, barbecue grill, cabana and a TV seating area. This makes it an ideal space for family and social gatherings. The homeowner’s satisfaction with Courtland’s work extended beyond the installation, as they enjoy a great view of their paradise year-round from their office. They highly recommend Courtland’s services.

“The entire experience was great from start to finish,” noted the homeowner. “We are very happy with the product, the service and the people at Courtland Landscape and Grounds. We highly recommend them and Imagine Pools for anyone looking to put in a pool.”

more than just a pool: a hub for community

endorsement of excellence: a client’s testimony

The homeowners’ experience with Courtland Landscape and Grounds was one of exceptional service and professionalism. Their heartfelt recommendation is a testament to Courtland’s dedication to not just creating beautiful landscapes but fostering community and lasting joy. Consequently, their backyard oasis has become more than a personal retreat. It is also a space that brings joy to all who enter, thus cementing Courtland’s role in transforming dreams into reality.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to give this client something they can enjoy with their family for many years to come,” reflected Hayes.