why fiberglass pools are pawsome

The fiberglass pools from Imagine Pools are an excellent choice for pet owners for many reasons. First of all, they are durable and resistant to claw scratches. You won’t need to worry about your excitable lab’s sharp nails causing damage. Plus, fiberglass pools are smooth and gentle on paws, preventing any rough scrapes that can be associated with concrete or gunite pools.

Why fiberglass pools are great for pets

training for the deep end

Just like humans, pets need some training before they can become pool pros. Never throw your pet in the pool, as this could lead to fear or even injury. Instead, introduce them gently to the pool, gradually increasing their comfort level. (The splash pad is an ideal place to introduce your pet to the water. Check out The Freedom with Splash Pad, for example.) Some pets may prefer to lounge on the pool step or shallow end, while others will become full-fledged swimmers. Just remember to celebrate their progress, no matter the pace.

safety first, fun second:

Safety should always come first when swimming with pets. Not all dogs are natural swimmers, and cats are notoriously fickle about water. Always keep an eye on your pet in the pool. Consider investing in a pet life vest, especially for breeds not known for their swimming prowess. And ensure there’s a safe and easy way for your pet to exit the pool when they’re ready to dry off.

Imagine Pools guide to letting your pet enjoy your pool

cool pool toys

Who says pool toys are just for humans? There are many pet-friendly pool toys available that can help your pet enjoy the water even more. Floating fetch toys are a fantastic way to engage your dog in the water.

post-swim routines

Once the swimming session is over, rinse your pet with fresh water. Chlorine or salt from the pool can irritate their skin. It can also be harmful if ingested during post-swim grooming. And don’t forget a good dry your pet off, too (especially those ears), to prevent any potential ear infections.

the catitude to water

We’ve talked a lot about dogs, but what about our feline friends? It’s a pretty well-known fact that most cats are not fans of water. However, there are exceptions. If your kitty shows interest in the pool (is this where the term “kitty pool” comes from?), encourage them to explore (under supervision, of course), and who knows? You might have a rare water-loving cat on your hands.

the pawty never ends

Having your pet in the pool with you can add a whole new layer of fun to your swimming experience. In fact, here are a few fun in the pool suggestions that can truly make your time with your pet quite memorable:

lifejacket fashion show: Pets in lifejackets are always a sight to behold. The cute, colorful safety gear not only ensures their security but also makes them look adorably hilarious. So, why not turn it into a mini-fashion show by the pool?

water ballet: Ever seen a dog or a cat trying to paddle in the water? Their earnest attempts at “dancing” in the water can sometimes resemble a unique form of water ballet. It’s entertaining, endearing and absolutely funny to watch. Be sure to grab your camera!

splash wars: Initiate a splash war and see who can make the biggest splash – you or your pet. But beware, some pets are surprisingly good at this game. As a result, you might end up getting a lot wetter than you anticipated.

retriever olympics: If you have a retriever, or any dog that loves to fetch, you can turn the pool into your very own Olympic stadium. Toss a floating toy into the water and see how fast your four-legged athlete can swim to retrieve it.

Fiberglass pools and pets? Sounds like a match made in summer heaven. Just remember, however, that safety is paramount. Not every pet will want to be a poolside companion. But with patience, supervision and lots of love, you and your furry friends can enjoy many sunny days by the pool. Just be sure to always prioritize their safety and well-being during pool activities.

So, there you have it, fellow pet parents. It’s time to grab that sunscreen, put on your swimsuits and prepare for a splashing good time with your four-legged friends. Be sure to contact your local Imagine Pools dealer today to get the fun started.