Imagine Pools is excited to unveil the winner of Pool of the Month April 2024: Backyard Dreams Pool Design & Construction in Nova Scotia. This outstanding fiberglass pool builder brings years of experience to the equation, showcasing their passion for creating stunning outdoor living spaces. Backyard Dreams treats each project as a chance to transform a simple backyard into an oasis. Their dedication to craftsmanship is evident throughout every stage of the project, ensuring clients receive nothing but the best in quality and service.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey to a lakeside oasis? Picture stepping out of your back door and being enveloped in a private sanctuary, surrounded by the serene beauty in picturesque Nova Scotia. The gentle symphony of the water caressing the shore, the rustling leaves swaying in the breeze and the breathtaking vista of the expansive lake before you – this idyllic setting sets the stage for a fabulous backyard paradise.

bridging dreams to reality with artistic precision

Doug Corkum, owner of and the artistic mastermind behind Backyard Dreams is passionate about bringing his clients’ backyard aspirations to life. With a wealth of experience and an eye for discerning design, Doug and his team have a legacy of transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting retreats that resonate with timeless joy. By blending the allure of this head turning fiberglass pool from Imagine Pools and the captivating lakeside backdrop, a truly remarkable backyard haven has been forged that is certain to captivate all who lay eyes upon it.

Pool of the Month April 2024 : the illusion 40’ fiberglass pool

As you exit the rear of the home and walk along the path of elegant paver stones, your gaze is drawn to the crown jewel awaiting you – the Illusion 40’ fiberglass pool in Reef Blue from Imagine Pools. The pool’s deep blue hue sparkles under the radiant sun, harmoniously blending with the crystalline waters of the adjacent lake, embodying a luxurious oasis for relaxation. The pool’s contemporary design and innovative features seamlessly intertwine with the organic splendor of the environment.

a harmonious fiberglass pool installation crafted for opulence

The choice of a fiberglass pool for the discerning owners was an organic decision, highlighting its durability, low maintenance, and cost-efficiency. Backyard Dreams orchestrated the installation process with finesse, meticulously attending to every facet, including an automatic pool cover and mesmerizing LED lights that illuminate the pool’s canvas at night. The inclusion of a dark trim stone border on the pool deck adds an element of refinement and sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

exceeding expectations with precision and panache

The installation of this magnificent fiberglass pool presented its own set of challenges, notably the delicate maneuver of craning it over the home to reach the backyard sanctuary. Nevertheless, the adept team at Backyard Dreams rose to the occasion, executing the task with precision and professionalism. The result surpassed the expectations of the homeowners, enhancing the contemporary design of the dwelling while seamlessly blending with the natural charisma of the lake.

crafting your personalized utopia

Ready to immerse yourself in a personalized utopia that harmonizes with the natural beauty of your surroundings? Look no further than Backyard Dreams. Let their expertise breathe life into your own fiberglass pool installation, seamlessly integrating with the tranquil waters and verdant foliage of Nova Scotia. The Illusion 40’ in Reef Blue (or any one of the luxurious fiberglass pools from Imagine Pools) is poised to be the showpiece of your personal retreat, reflecting the serenity of the picturesque environs.

Backyard Dreams Pool Design & Construction win Pool of the Month

exquisite craftsmanship for unparalleled luxury

Indulge in unrivaled elegance with Backyard Dreams. Celebrated for their impeccable artistry and distinguished standing, they artfully materialized this vision. The installation process was masterfully choreographed with unswerving focus on precision, ensuring the pool surpassed the homeowners’ wildest dreams. Enter your exclusive oasis where opulence intersects with nature in perfect unison.