Imagine the joy of transforming your backyard into a stunning oasis that not only enhances your home’s value but also becomes the heart of joy and relaxation for your family. This month, we dive into the spectacular inground fiberglass pool installation by Riverside Pools and Hardscapes in North Carolina, which has rightfully earned the title of Imagine Pools’ Pool of the Month February 2024.

the masterminds behind the magic: the riverside pools and hardscapes team

Leading Riverside Pools and Hardscapes are co-owners Aimee Persic and her husband Eric, along with Shannon Tingley and her husband Chris. The entire team brings a wealth of knowledge in concrete, hardscape, and landscape work, complementing their expertise in spas and pools. Eric, who began his career at just 10 years old by mowing lawns, has nearly four decades of experience in creating exceptional outdoor living spaces and later founded a landscape construction company. In 2020, the team recognized a growing demand for residential pools and launched Riverside Pools and Hardscapes, becoming proud dealers of Imagine Pools. Their combined skills ensure a focus on high-quality, durable fiberglass swimming pool and spa options.

design philosophy: creating the “wow” factor

The team at Riverside Pools and Hardscapes doesn’t just build pools; these professionals create comprehensive outdoor experiences. Their projects, designed with cutting-edge 3-D technology and executed with meticulous care, aim to elicit a “wow” reaction from every client. Their philosophy is simple yet profound: every client should feel a sense of excitement and pride in their new outdoor space, a place where they can say, “I can’t believe this is mine.”

the featured installation for february 2024: a backyard transformation

The featured pool for February 2024 is a stunning showcase from the home of one of Riverside’s own project managers, illustrating the team's deep trust in and pride for their work. The project ambitiously transformed a previously unusable backyard—riddled with water issues and overgrown trees—into a breathtaking, zero-maintenance haven.

The centerpiece of this transformation is The Freedom 26’ in Volcanic Black from Imagine Pools. This model stands out with its mesmerizing deep black hue, which not only enhances the water's reflective quality, creating a mirror-like surface that beautifully mirrors the sky and surrounding landscapes, but also adds a dramatic and sophisticated touch that contrasts beautifully with the vibrant colors of the well-manicured garden edges. With its flat-bottom design, full bench at the front and entry stairs along both sides, the Freedom 26’ offers both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Its spacious layout makes it perfect for group play activities and fulfilling exercise goals, while the sleek black finish adds an element of modern elegance to any outdoor space.

Key features of this installation include:

elegant design: To complement the sophisticated herringbone pattern of pavers framing the pool, a matching fire pit is introduced to the space. This fire pit, set in a circular design, utilizes the same dark brown pavers, echoing the elegance and meticulous craftsmanship of the pool area. This thoughtful addition not only enhances the visual continuity but also provides a cozy, inviting ambiance, making it an ideal spot for gathering and relaxation on cool evenings.

advanced features: This saltwater chlorinated pool is equipped with top-notch Jandy equipment and features a sheer descent waterfall wall positioned elegantly between lush plants. For nighttime ambiance, three hydrocool lights illuminate the pool, creating a mesmerizing effect.

sustainable choices: The transition from grass to artificial turf means less maintenance and more time to enjoy the outdoors, while updated fencing ensures both privacy and compliance with local regulations.

Fiberlgass pool ownership means year-round enjoyment

the community experience

The installation of this pool became a neighborhood event, with about 25 locals gathering to watch the spectacular sight of the pool being craned over the house. This sense of community and shared excitement underscores the impact of such a transformation, not just for the homeowner but for the neighborhood at large.

why choose riverside pools and hardscapes?

Choosing Riverside Pools and Hardscapes means partnering with a team that brings decades of expertise in not only pool installations but also in creating comprehensive outdoor living spaces. From pergolas to pavers, and from initial design to final touches, Riverside Pools and Hardscapes handles nearly every aspect in-house, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the process. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every project, with a focus on durability, aesthetics and client satisfaction.

celebrating excellence in pool design

As we spotlight this award-winning installation by Riverside Pools and Hardscapes, we celebrate the remarkable transformation of spaces that enrich lives and enhance homes. This project is not just a testament to the skill and dedication of the Riverside Pools and Hardscapes’ team but also a showcase of what is possible in the realm of outdoor living.

Whether you're simply admiring or quietly contemplating your own backyard dreams, Riverside Pool and Hardscape’s achievements stand as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the art of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join us in applauding their commitment to excellence and innovation in creating spaces where moments are cherished and memories are made.