Imagine coming home to a tranquil oasis, a place where the stress of the day simply washes away. That’s the exact feeling the residents of an Edmond, Oklahoma, home experience every day, thanks to Hydroscapes Pools & Patios and its owner, Jarrett Hughes.

the hydroscapes pools & patios story

Founded by Jarrett Hughes, an Oklahoma State alumnus with a passion for landscaping and pool installations since 1999, Hydroscapes Pools & Patios has been a leader of trust and quality in the Oklahoma City metro area. Rooted in principles Hughes learned from his father while growing up, the company believes in delivering on promises, punctuality and unwavering quality.

The dazzling Marvelous 40 with a Mystique Spa and a lagoon edge.

a pool with a purpose

The crown jewel in this backyard is the dazzling Marvelous 40 with a Mystique Spa from the head-turning collection at Imagine Pools, complete with a lagoon edge. Set in a shimmering Ice Silver, we wouldn’t be surprised if this fiberglass pool is the buzz of the community!

collaboration at its finest

The homeowners had a vision – a perfect spot for their pool, pavilion and bathroom. Hughes and his team of experts brought this vision to life, carefully positioning each element to maximize aesthetics and functionality.

Hydroscapes Pools & Patios wins pool of the month

breathtaking features

Among the key features of this entire backyard paradise include:

*led lights and an AOP system: Who doesn’t love a good ambiance? The LED lights add a touch of magic, while the integrated advanced oxidation process (AOP) ensures the pool remains sparkling while relying on fewer chemicals to get the job done.

*kitchen marvels: The backyard isn’t just about swimming. The kitchen, equipped with top-of-the-line Bull products, boasts granite countertops and an exterior made of cedar wood. The split-faced veneer made of marble adds a touch of luxury.

*hardscape and pool surroundings: Hughes made a conscious decision to let the pool be the star. The poured concrete around the pool complements it without stealing its thunder.

*contemporary meets comfort: The home’s modern design is beautifully juxtaposed with cozy spots like the hammock area and a playground built on almost 100 yards of soil!

*glassy tile touch: The spillover side and water line of the pool showcase beautiful glass tiles, blending durability with style.

*landscaping mastery: Hughes, with his knack for landscaping, added three trees near the pavilion that promise future privacy as they grow.

teamwork makes the dream work

Hydroscapes Pools & Patios isn’t a one-man show. Hughes has gone to great lengths to cultivate highly specialized crews, from excavators to tile experts, ensuring every project detail is handled with precision.

more than just a pool

Yes, this project was a massive undertaking, from shifting tons of dirt to balancing the sloping yard. Yet, for Hughes, the pool, with its richly lustrous color, was the pièce de résistance. With bubblers in the lagoon and other elements of inspiration, Hughes relied on premium products to ensure top-notch functionality and ease of use for the owners. This fiberglass pool has truly become the heart of the backyard.

hat tip to imagine pools

Hughes couldn’t help but sing praises for Imagine Pools.

“Imagine Pools offers a variety of fiberglass pool designs, which includes many freeform styles, and they just build a really good pool,” emphasized Hughes. “Plus, they have an impressive factory and provide a reasonable turnaround time.”

In other words, Imagine Pools has a trifecta of benefits: a plethora of designs, efficient production and impeccable quality, all of which make them a favorite for families everywhere.

breathtaking features of this fiberglass swimming pool installation

Hydroscapes Pools & Patios doesn’t just install pools; they create experiences. Whether it’s the gentle lull of the lagoon or the sizzle from the Bull grill, this backyard installation has transformed a house into a haven.

For the Hydroscapes Pools & Patios team, this project isn’t just about recognition but about bringing joy to families. And as the lights shimmer on the pool’s surface, one can’t help but think – this isn’t just a backyard, it’s a slice of paradise! Translation? This is truly living Life at its Best!

Reach out to your local Imagine Pools dealer today and let the fun begin.