When you first encounter Alex Fransen, owner of Derby City Pools, if you sense a driven, ambitious, fun-loving yet hard-working individual who only wants to deliver the finest in backyard swimming pools with the most trusted and reliable team of installers, then you have come to the right conclusion.

“We make it all happen,” expressed Rick Fransen, who works alongside his brother Alex, when asked what Derby City Pools can do for its customers and their dreams of owning that perfect and relaxing backyard oasis.

Rick essentially juggles multiple roles within the company and jokingly admits, “I do everything but actually dig the holes for the pools!” Translation? While he doesn’t necessarily get his hands dirty on a daily basis, he does roll up his sleeves and tackle whatever it takes to get the job done.

Laying the Foundation with Derby City Pools

Before Derby City Pools began installing backyard pools, this company was known for doing everything else that involved creating that beautiful backyard wonderland. Think: pergolas, retaining walls, pavilions, outdoor kitchens, and decks.

In business for 20+ years, Derby City Pools has some well-earned mud on its tires and paved an impressive path to where it finds itself today. As customers, friends and associates recognized the quality and superiority of the work Derby City Pools was performing, it was suggested to them in 2010 that they consider adding pool installations to their portfolio of already highly-regarded outdoor living.

“A good friend of ours owns a liner pool company and he suggested Alex and I consider putting in backyard swimming pools in addition to what we already offer,” reflected Rick, who noted Derby City Pools waited a year or so before actually diving into this idea. Although their friend specialized in liner pools, Rick and Alex began to lean towards the fiberglass option after doing some initial research.

“We figured out fiberglass swimming pools were a quick and easier install for us as well as easier for the customer,” expressed Alex.

Once this decision was made, Derby City Pools hit the ground running, and top-of-the-line fiberglass swimming pools became an integral part of their overall portfolio of products.

Although Alex and Rick kick-started their backyard swimming pool installation career as dealers for a couple of other fiberglass swimming pool companies, those professional associations began to crumble as communication barriers and lag times with product delivery created some challenges, making it difficult for Derby City Pools to deliver the superior service on which they pride themselves. What those associations with the other pool companies did do, however, was give Derby City Pools the unique chance to evaluate the service and product capabilities of each company. As a result, they chose Imagine Pools®, valuing it as a superior company with a

Fortunately, Derby City Pools eventually found themselves in partnership with POOLCORP, the world’s largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies and outdoor living products, at the suggestion of Superior Pool Products (SPP), a wholesale-only supplier for pool industry

The high-end work for which Derby City Pools is known complements Imagine Pools®, which is the exclusive supplier of high-quality composite fiberglass swimming pools to POOLCORP. As a result, the SPP representative for Derby City Pools introduced them to Imagine Pools® line of swimming pools, spas, and tanning ledges.

“We had always purchased our pumps, filters and other equipment from them, just not their pools,” noted Alex. “SPP saw the high-end work we were doing at the time and suggested we needed to offer a high-end fiberglass swimming pool as part of our products line. We are extremely particular on the products we use, and people don’t just come to us based on price but rather on the quality of what we offer as well as from word-of-mouth referrals.”

After reviewing the full line-up of Imagine Pools®, which offers 10 unique pool designs, three spas and three tanning ledges, and more importantly appreciating the quality construction of the products, Derby City Pools made the decision to become a dealer for Imagine Pools in 2014.

“Our relationships with those other fiberglass swimming pool companies just became increasingly difficult and logistically challenging,” explained Alex. “Imagine Pools was the answer for us.”

Imagine Pools – The Superior Choice

“The installation and construction of the Centurion Core™ is far superior,” explained Rick, in reference to the fiberglass pools manufactured for the Imagine Pools® line. Essentially, these premium fiberglass backyard swimming pools are engineered with this exclusive technology that features high-performance vinyl ester resin that is woven into each structural layer. This type of construction allows for less chemical usage resulting in years of low-maintenance and also provides ease of use for owners.

While the geographical footprint Derby City Pools serves in terms of pool installations is exclusive – just in certain parts of Louisville – the quality of their installations and the installation practices to which they adhere are beyond compare.

Attention to detail in order to assure the best in installation is what further sets this backyard pool company apart from the rest.  What that means for customer includes not just the aesthetics of the swimming pool, but also what lies beneath the surface.

“We do things most others do not,” indicated Alex. “For example, we use a minimum of 100 tons of rock as backfill for the pool and pool deck. We don’t or disturbed earth or dirt to backfill and we don’t use flex line to plumb our pools. We use smart pool automation to control your pool from your smartphone and properly size our pumps, heaters, and filters.  We also pour all pool decks and set the fiberglass shell onto a crushed limestone bed.”

Derby City Pools also pays close attention to installing proper drainage to evacuate water from permanent structures, including the house and ensure the pool sits in the backyard with the correct elevation.

When asked why Derby City Pools prefers fiberglass pools, the answer is simple. “Fiberglass results in quicker installation time and is easier to use and take care of for the customers,” emphasized Alex.

Most Popular Imagine Pools designs

Imagine Pools Inspiration, a composite swimming pool project by Derby City Pools

The Inspiration awaits you.

Imagine Pools Illusion, a composite swimming pool project by Derby City Pools

The Illusion will take your breath away.

While customers enjoy the varied designs and colors of Imagine Pools, Rick emphasized the two most popular designs are The Illusion™, for those who want a rectangular pool design, and the The Inspiration™, for those seeking more of a freeform design.

“The Illusion™ has a tanning ledge and is referred to as resort-style amenities in a private residential pool,” noted Rick.

It’s Fall: The Perfect Time to Purchase a Backyard Swimming Pool!

With Halloween nearly upon us, now is the time to place an order for that backyard swimming pool of your dreams. It may seem counterintuitive, but time is truly on your side right now.

“If you have been thinking about getting a backyard swimming pool, Fall is the perfect time to do it,” Alex explained. “That way, you can get your yard ready in the Spring and be ready to jump in when Summer arrives.”

Things to Do Before Installing Your Backyard Swimming Pool

“The proper prepping of your backyard is huge for a quick and successful backyard swimming pool installation,” stated Alex, who set forth a few key tips in that regard. Before first spade, the experts at Derby City Pools noted it is imperative to follow these guidelines:

  • Tend to any kind of tree or landscape removal that is not a part of your new backyard swimming pool setting plan.
  • Obtain requisite permitting and HOA (Homeowners Association) approval. Sometimes only a residential building permit is needed, but some towns and cities may require an electrical permit as well.
  • Understand how much electricity capacity you will need. If you have a $500,000 backyard pool installation completed with a pool house and firepit, you are going to want to have enough electricity in your home to power these extra amenities. Derby City Pools has a full-time electrician on staff who can quickly assess this matter to ensure there are no surprises later on. This is especially crucial when you have a pool and spa combo that requires two pumps, two filters and two heaters. You want to have this all in place before you even begin your swimming pool installation.
  • Prepare for any necessary gas meter upgrades. This rings true for older homes, which may require a gas meter upgrade to support the new pool, fire pit and any fire features that correspond with the backyard swimming pool.
  • Order any pool equipment now. If you order your backyard swimming pool today and sign the contract now, even if the pool will not be installed until next July, you should order all the necessary equipment now (pump, filter, heater, lights, etc.) to avoid any delays in delivery.”

Ideas to Get You Started

Whether you simply want a new pool or a complete backyard makeover, Derby City Pools covers it all: patios, water features, fireplaces, pool houses and more, all completed in a highly professional, experienced, and safe manner. Start the conversation today with Derby City Pools about your backyard swimming pool dream and they will walk with you everystep of the way, ensuring each decision is thoughtfully and intentionally made.

For more information on Derby City Pools, visit them online by clicking here or call 502.548.4800.