We all know owning a fiberglass pool and/or spa is like having your very own water wonderland, right in your own backyard. There is no need to pack up the whole family for a day at the beach. All you need to do is put on your favorite swimming suit, grab a towel and some flip flops and then head out the back door. However, along with your personal lagoon comes some responsibilities. It’s your duty to make sure everyone splashing around stays safe and sound. Imagine Pools® is all about enjoying life at its best. So, let’s make sure you stay on top of these very important pool and spa safety guidelines.

splash into safety: the ultimate checklist for fiberglass pool and spa owners

Here are a few safety measures that will keep the good vibes flowing all summer long:

1.) fence it in and cover it up when needed: Picture a castle with a grand gate around it. Now do that for your pool and spa. Make it at least four feet high with a self-closing, self-latching gate. This way, you can keep any wandering and unattended young explorers from having unplanned adventures in the water. Further elevate the safety of your fiberglass pool with an automatic safety pool cover from Integra Pool Covers. This provides an extra layer of security as it acts as an effective safety barrier.

Imagine Pools® backyard pool and spa safety checklist

2.) sound the alarms: a pool or spa alarm might seem as excessive as a shark cage in a swimming pool. However, it is important, resources permitting. It’ll alert you if someone unexpectedly sneaks into your pool area.

3.) cover those drains: uncovered drains in a pool can trap swimmers. This can lead to injury or even worse. Nip any potential accident in the bud and keep the drains covered.

4.) no clutter: pool noodles, rafts, and inflatable unicorns are loads of fun. We get it! However, if your pool starts looking like a toy store on “buy one get one free” day, you might have a problem on your hands. The best rule of thumb here is to keep your pool fun, but uncluttered. Not every toy has to be out in the water or around the water’s edge at the same time.

5.) first aid kits: remember the time you tripped over a beach ball and sprained your ankle? Or how about the time laid out in the sun for just a bit too long and got a really bad sunburn? A first aid kit can certainly come to the rescue during times like these.

6.) eyes on the swimmers: supervision is key. Accidents can happen even to those wearing the most colorful floatation devices. So, keep an eye on the water, especially with children and those just learning to swim. Never let them out of your sight.

7.) training day: teach your young kiddos to swim. Make sure they understand pool and spa etiquette, as well. This means no running around like it’s a pirate’s deck and absolutely no solo deep-sea expeditions. (Otherwise, we will have to refer you back to #5.)

8.) electrical check: faulty wiring around a pool is about as smart as using a toaster in the bathtub. Double check and then triple check to make sure everything is grounded and up to code.

9.) water chemistry: testing your pool and spa water is as an integral part of ensuring summer fun. Be sure the pH and chlorine levels are just right to keep the pool party in full swing.

Imagine Pools® backyard pool and spa safety checklist

Remember! Emergencies are like surprise guests at your pool party: unwelcome and uninvited. Always be prepared with a plan. Keep emergency contact info readily available and ensure everyone knows what to do if an accident occurs.

Following these safety measures is like having your very own lifeguard on duty. This can help prevent accidents and ensure everyone has a good time in your fiberglass backyard pool and/or spa.

At Imagine Pools® we’re all about helping you create long-lasting memories filled with splashes and laughter. As long as safety tops your list, you’re all set for the best summer ever in the backyard of your dreams. Take a peek through our product brochure to get started living life at its best.

Call Imagine Pools® at 1-800-997-POOL (7665) today to get connected to a dealer near you or reach out to us online. And always remember: safety first means peace of mind always!