a winter’s tale of warmth

Winter doesn’t have to suggest the end of your backyard fun, especially not when you have a fiberglass pool and/or spa from Imagine Pools as part of your home oasis. Imagine the joy of stepping into a warm, bubbling spa, the steam rising into the cool air, while everything around you is quiet, serene and maybe even dusted with snow.

the heart of your home all year round

Imagine Pools understands that a pool or spa isn’t just a feature of your home; it’s a centerpiece for family memories, a retreat for relaxation and a year-round haven of enjoyment. So, why let the winter blues get you down when you can embrace the cooler months with the same zest as a sunny summer day?

fiberglass spas from imagine pools for every occasion

The magic of a fiberglass spa is undeniable. With Imagine Pools, your options are tailored for families and fun-lovers alike, with spas designed to suit any gathering. From the stunning Dream Spa to the tranquil Mystique to the soothing Treasure Spa, you’re not just buying a spa; you’re creating a winter-worthy escape. (And that is something for the whole family to enjoy. You can even check all the boxes here: winter wellness, a luxurious and invigorating spa retreat and memorable times shared with your family.)

enhancing your winter experience

Incorporating a spa into your backyard extends beyond the warm waters. Imagine Pools encourages you to enhance your outdoor area with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace—imagine the enchanting glow, the sound of crackling wood and the captivating smoky scent that signals cozy times. Summer is amazing, but the colder months have a lot to offer when you have a fiberglass spa in your backyard.

Enchance your winter experience with an Imagine Pools spa

daring dips and warm escapes

For the adventurous souls, a brisk plunge into the pool on a chilly day can be a thrilling experience, made even better by a retreat to your warm spa. And for those who yearn for year-round swims, consider investing in a pool heater for your inground fiberglass pool to extend the swimming season far beyond summer’s reach. A little warm water therapy in your spa after a refreshingly cold dip in your fiberglass swimming pool is a great way to treat yourself.

your winter dream, now a reality

Splashing around in a hot tub isn’t just fun—it might also be a secret superhero for your health! Imagine your muscles giving you a big ‘ahh’ as they relax, aches waving goodbye and sleep tiptoeing in like a dream. While scientists are still playing detective on how spas might have even more superpowers, the benefits we already know are pretty cool.

But remember, even superheroes need to keep their capes clean. Keep your spa sparkling to stay on the safe side of fun. Further, if you’ve got a ticker that needs extra care or you’re expecting a little sidekick, it’s advisable have a chat with your doctor first. And for those with boo-boos or scratches, it’s best to let them heal before you immerse yourself in the water. For everyone else, grab your rubber ducks and make some waves. Spa time is a great way to make a splash in your family fun time.

So, why wait for summer to make the most of your backyard? With Imagine Pools, winter becomes less about hibernating and more about celebrating.

Connect with an Imagine Pools’ dealer today, and let’s make your winter dreams a reality. Because when it comes to enjoying life with a splash, the season is always now.